Month: January 2021

Art Is Essential January 2021

Art Is Essential

Writers on the art that matters to them. #ArtIsEssential
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Snow in the Concert Hall

Blogging Fellows, Essay, Feature, First Person, Music, Trains in the Basement

Composers John Cage and R. Murray Schafer sculpt sound into moments that evade on-demand consumption. What can we learn from these sonic environments?
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Vanguard Voices

Blogging Fellows, Music, Vanguard Voices

“If creative music is under celebrated and under documented compared to other eras in jazz, the women who played a role in the music are doubly so,” writes Leena Mahan. The former radio DJ will use this column as a space to profile women jazz artists.
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Between Parlors and Oceans

Art and Mind, Blogging Fellows, Feature, In-Depth, Visual Art

Edward Hopper’s ‘Rooms by the Sea’ captures the psychic tension resulting from conflicting states of mind. The visible ambivalence of the painting is particularly relatable during Covid.
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What Does Platonic Form Have to Do with Art?

Blogging Fellows, In-Depth, The Art of Thinking, Visual Art

Photographs stage a confrontation between the idea of an object and its representation, and demonstrate how Form can overwhelm aesthetic pursuit.
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