The Art of Thinking

The Art of Thinking is a series of explanatory articles on aesthetic philosophy.

When the Bug is the Feature

Blogging Fellows, The Art of Thinking, Visual Art

Glitch artists remind us that the limit of the quantification of art is the banal.
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How To Objectively Identify Beauty

Blogging Fellows, Performance, The Art of Thinking

A philosopher explains the importance of form and freedom in aesthetics, juggling included.
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Can Sports Be an Aesthetic Experience?

Blogging Fellows, The Art of Thinking

Contingency and unpredictability can elevate a football game into a kind of theater.
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What Does Platonic Form Have to Do with Art?

Blogging Fellows, In-Depth, The Art of Thinking, Visual Art

Photographs stage a confrontation between the idea of an object and its representation, and demonstrate how Form can overwhelm aesthetic pursuit.
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What Is Aesthetics? An Introduction to ‘The Art of Thinking’

Blogging Fellows, Commentary, In-Depth, The Art of Thinking

“If you’ve ever asked yourself why a particular painting is considered beautiful, or whether a curious item displayed in a gallery even counts as art, then you’ve engaged with the same species of question that aesthetics aims to address.”
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